22,000 RPM

The DM G Series comes with all of the great benefits of the DM Series with the added ability to do Graphite Milling! The DM G Series comes standard with Graphite Dust Protection that is provided by additional dust sealing throughout the machine protecting the linear ways and ball screws on all axes.  A Torit Downflo Duo system has been added to filter the graphite for easy removal. A High-Performance 22,000 RPM spindle utilizes an integral motor using angular contact ceramic bearing technology which operates with grease packed lubrication system.  For continuous high speed operation, a surrounding jacket of oil, circulated through a chiller system, stabilizes spindle temperature.  Thermal displacement is reduced guaranteeing spindle precision and lifespan

Model X Y Z TravelTool #TaperMachine Weight
DM 800G31.5 X 19.7 X 21.324HSK-40E11,700 (lb)
DM 120047.2 X 23.8 X 26.624HSK-40E17,600 (lb)

DM G Series- High Accuracy Graphite VMC

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