The Mitsubishi CNC Control M70 is loaded with features to enhance your productivity including:

- Full Conversational
- High Speed Milling with 337 blocks look           ahead
- The only machine with a 3 YEAR WARRANTY     on the CNC CONTROL.

DM Series-  Exceptional Cutting Performance

Model X Y Z TravelTool #TaperMachine Weight
DM 80031.5 X 19.7 X 21.332HSK-A6311,700 (lb)
DM 100040.2 X 22 X 23.632HSK-A6315,400 (lb)
DM 120047.2 X 23.6 X 26.6


HSK-A6317,600 (lb)
DM 140055.1 X 31.5 X 29.132HSK-A6329,800 (lb)
DM 160063 X 35.4 X 31.532HSK-A6341,900 (lb)

20,000 RPM

The DM Series is great in mold and die applications and excels in close-tolerance work. The 20,000-RPM HSK-A63 spindle features a more rigid and accurate tooling system with the flexibility to do fine, intricate work. The 32-position automatic tool changer will provide better tool-life management and increase the machines' productivity. Complete with linear scales and roller guide-ways on the X, Y Z axis, the DM series is the machine you want when performance matters most.

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