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DV Series- Fast, Ridgid & Accurate

The Mitsubishi CNC Control M70 is loaded with features to enhance your productivity including:

- Full Conversational
- High Speed Milling with 337 blocks look ahead
- The only machine with a 3 YEAR WARRANTY on     the CNC CONTROL.

Model X Y Z TravelTool #TaperMachine Weight
DV 80031.5 X 19.7 X 21.3244011,700 (lb)
DV 100040.2 X 22 X 23.6244015,400 (lb)
DV 120047.2 X 23.6 X 26.6


4017,600 (lb)
DV 140055.1 X 31.5 X 29.1304029,800 (lb)
DV 160063 X 35.4 X 31.5304041,900 (lb)
DV 200078.7 X 35.4 X 31.5304046,300 (lb)

The key to gain a competitive advantage is to operate on a highly efficient machine achieving superior finishes. The DV Series, built as a general purpose high speed vertical machining center from MC Machinery Systems will meet this challenge. The DV Series VMC is equipped with a 15,000 RPM high speed Isolated Direct Drive (IDD) motor spindle combination. This machine is excellent for general die and mold as well as high speed machining work. To insure optimum rigidity and fast cutting speed, Roller Ways have been chosen for optimum performance in roughing and finishing.