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The Android’s heat symmetric basic frame structure with a high-grade cast iron base ensures twist rigidity against spindle head motion. Its structure guarantees a reduction in thermal displacement, lending to a balance of high-rigidity and a reduced weight as a response. The two horizontally opposed flat linear motors equipped with powerful magnets ensure clearance in the side ways, canceling out any attraction forces.

The system’s dual-layer cooling system combines direct forced oil cooling with a wide-range jacket to separate the spindle head from the casting. Leading to complete heat isolation, the double cooling system positioned between heat generating coils is matched by an in-line oil chiller unit to ensure complete control of the coolant temperature. Hot air will never collect at the spindle thanks to the Android’s centralized exhaust and outside airflow system.

High-quality builder Roku-Roku incorporated cutting-edge technology into its Android system, ultimately designing a well-built machine to ensure precise application and optimized velocity performance. The specialty machine tool builder implemented its Super PC X + that can be set to one of 10 different modes to meet any machining requirements into the Android. That level of customization, plus features including Fanuc’s Digital Intelligent Servo System with five-place decimal input and feedback, contributes to the Android’s unsurpassed speed and accuracy despite even the most complex contours. 

ANDROID- The Future of Ultra High Speed Milling Today

60,000 RPM!!!



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17.7 X 13.8 X 7.920HSK-E25