12,000 RPM (Options up to 42,000 RPM)

​The LU-800 is designed to be an ultra-rigid 5-axis vertical machining center with the capacity to handle a 2,200-pound workpiece on a 31.5-inch table surface. The Heidenhain iTNC-530 control unit is mounted for optimal convenience with easy height adjustment. With two opening doors in front and a sliding roof system, the LU-800 lends itself to both manual and crane part loading and unloading.

The LU-800 gantry-type 5-axis machining center is built and designed to be highly rigid and incredibly precise. To achieve high rigidity, the LU-800 employs a U-shape base, with A-axis support and a high-quality rotary table C-axis. It is also equipped with 12,000 RPM direct drive spindle, a heavy-duty, roller-type linear guideway, and 3-axis linear scales. The LU-800 is capable of performing high-precision cuts with the X-, Y-, Z-, A- and C-axes moving simultaneously. Inclined surface machining, spiral contour machining, irregular contour machining and other complex cutting tasks can be made simple with the LU-800.

The LU-800’s A- and C-rotary axes utilize direct drive motors, complimented with rotary encoders. This is superior to the conventional worm gear setup in drive transmission and power efficiencies.

X Y Z TravelTable Size (in)A- Axis Tilt RangeTool #TaperMachine Weight
31.5 X 34.5 X 24.4
31.5 dia.±120 degrees
324041,887 (lb)

LU800- The Job Shop 5-Axis Machine

​​ WSM Technology, Inc.