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The ​MCV series is a very effective general purpose vertical machining center from MC Machinery Systems will meet this challange. The MCV Series VMC family is equiped with belt driven spindles at 8,000, 10,000, and 12,000 RPM depending on the machine and tooling size. Together with high X, Y and Z rapid traverse speeds that makes the machines excellent for small to large, light to heavy general purpose machining work as well as many die and mold applications.

Model X Y Z Travel Tool #TaperMachine Weight
MCV 60024 X 16.1 X 21.3
24409,300 (lb)
MCV 80031.5 X 17.7 X 21.324409,900 (lb)
MCV 100040.2 X 20.1 X 21.3


4012,760 (lb)
MCV 1000B*40.2 X 22 X 23.6245016,500 (lb)
MCV 120047.2 X 23.6 X 26.6244017,600 (lb)
MCV 1200B*47.2 X 23.6 X 26.6245019,800 (lb)
MCV 1400
55.1 X 25.6 X 26.6244018,700 (lb)
MCV 1400B*55.1 X 25.6 X 26.6245020,900 (lb)
MCV 160063 X 35.4 X 31.5304041,900 (lb)
MCV 1600B*63 X 35.4 X 31.5245041,900 (lb)
MCV 200078.7 X 35.4 X 31.5304046,300 (lb)
MCV 2000B*78.7 X 35.4 X 31.5245046,300 (lb)
MCV 3000B*1118.1 X 39.4 X 29.5245054,000 (lb)

​​MCV Series-General Purpose Machine

The Mitsubishi CNC Control M70 is loaded with features to enhance your productivity including:

- Full Conversational
- High Speed Milling with 337 blocks look ahead
- The only machine with a 3 YEAR WARRANTY on     the CNC CONTROL.

*B series has box ways on Z-axis