​​ WSM Technology, Inc.  

Mission statement 

Our purpose is to provide our customers and prospects with the information that they need to help them make the best business decision to meet or exceed their company’s goals.

We can only succeed in this task with their cooperation to truly understand their unique situation with its strengths and challenges in a spirit of mutual trust and respect.

If selected as a business partner for their company’s growth, the quality of our solution, combined with the commitment of our team and of MC Machinery ‘s team must deliver on the promise to meet or exceed their expectations.

By applying these principles with the highest level of integrity, we will also provide support to our familes and reward Mitsubishi/ MC Machinery with the market share representation and respect that they deserve for giving us the privilege and opportunity to promote their products and services.  

-Blaise Buholzer

Owner & President

​February 1st, 2012