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Model X Y Z TravelU/V TravelTable Sides
MV 480031.5 X 23.6 X 20.1
±4 X ±43 + Rail

MV4800 is now capable of submerged cutting up to 20.0 inches deep with full support of the best auto-threading system on the market today. With an annealing length of over 27 inches, this system is capable of threading the maximum workpiece height both at the start point and through the gap if needed for a broken wire recovery. The MV4800 features a new, non-contact cylindrical drive system and the M700 series control with a 15-inch touchscreen. With advancements in machine construction and power supply technology, the MV4800 is sure to revolutionize EDM machining and increase your shop's productivity

Has an option where you can extend Z Travel to 32 inches. The first 20 inches would be submerged cutting and the last 12 inches would be unsubmerged.