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The HC-548EX features a high-rigidity, bridge-type monoblock structure with minimized distance between guide surface and spindle center. The high-rigidity bed with ideal rib distribution guarantees static positioning accuracy of ±0.000080" and ±0.000060" repeatability.

The HC-548EX is capable of a wide range (200 - 32,000 RPM) using a grease-packed spindle and a long-life AC motor. High-speed direct hard milling is possible via dry or semi-dry oil-mist systems. The new HSK-E40 holder achieves six times higher clamping force than a regular BT shank while the Air Balance Cylinder comes standard, reducing the load for ball screw and servo motor.

The HC-548EX features a Fanuc 31i-A5 Super High-Speed Processor and Al Contour Control II – A "NANO CNC System" with Intelligent Velocity Control, NANO Interpolation and NANO Smoothing. 


32,000 RPM



X Y Z TravelTool #Taper
18.1 X 14.1 X 10.212HSK-E40