Model X Y Z TravelTool #TaperMachine Weight
SV 100040.2 X 23.6 X 25
245017,200 (lb)
SV 110043.3 X 28.3 X 25245019,800 (lb)
SV 130051.2 X 28.3 X 25


5024,600 (lb)

The Mitsubishi CNC Control M70 is loaded with features to enhance your productivity including:

- Full Conversational
- High Speed Milling with 337 blocks look ahead
- The only machine with a 3 YEAR WARRANTY on     the CNC CONTROL.

The SV Series is built with a heavy duty box way construction in X, Y and Z axes. The SV excels in maximum material removal with its ability to handle large tools and bigger parts. With its hand scraped Turcite B Guideways, it will provide years of accuracy and durability. The stability starts from the ground up with its Meehanite cast iron structure. Every machine is subjected to a rigorous testing sequence to ensure stability over the life of the machine tool. Enhanced ribs in major construction parts provide the rigidity and stability for heavy duty high speed milling..  

SV Series- Box Ways & CAT-50

Rigidity, Stability and Heavy Duty Cutting

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