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The Mitsubishi CNC Control M70 is loaded with features to enhance your productivity including:

- Full Conversational
- High Speed Milling with 337 blocks look ahead
- The only machine with a 3 YEAR WARRANTY on     the CNC CONTROL.

Model X Y Z TravelTool #TaperOptional SpindleMachine Weight
TV 50019.7 X 15.7 X 13
21BT-3012 & 20K RPM5,511 (lb)
TV 70027.6 X 15.7 X 1321BT-3012 & 20K RPM6,614 (lb)

Speed equals profit. This second generation TV-series bring the value of the BT-30 Drilling Tapping Center to a new level, through improved 3 axes ballscrews and its transmission system. The refined 24,000 RPM spindle structure and its upgraded performance have optimized the chip removal system and tool changing mechanism. All these performance upgrades brings productivity and profit up for this new generation of tapping center. 

TV Series- Drill & Tap VMC